3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business Through Blogs

If your business website doesn’t have a blog, you could be missing out on leads and sales. Big time.


Think the age of the blog is dead? Nope.

Think there’s not much in it for your business to start a blog now (or revive the one that you started back in 2018)? Wrong again.

Blogging is an effective, inexpensive way to promote your business and reach a broader audience, especially for small-and-medium-sized businesses that don’t have big-business brand recognition yet.

Here are 3 proven ways you can grow your business through blogs.


1. Increase visibility and attract new clients


With regular relevant and well-written blog posts, your website will rank higher in search engines.

What does this mean? It means that whenever someone is searching for the expert services and high-quality goods that your business offers, they find you. Because the search engine creepy crawlies will search the web and find the blog on your website.

If your leads find value from your website, they’re much more likely to become a paying customer and loyal client. So if all you have on your business website is contact info and a dusty “About” section, it’s time to step up your game.

Blog posts can help you be more visible to search engines, but it doesn’t end there. When your relevant, engaging blog posts are shared across various social media platforms, they can help draw in more leads.


2. Increase your value by highlighting your knowledge and expertise


You have knowledge and expertise that can help your clients. Aren’t you doing them a disservice by not sharing that?

By posting regularly on your business blog, you can help reinforce your authority and trust with your clients. This can help them make more informed decisions, live healthier lives, and it can help your business grow.

Think about it: if you have a series of blog posts addressing common issues that your clients face and a lead comes across it, they’re going to feel like you’re a mind reader. Not only do you know exactly the problem they are facing, but you can also give them more information about it right now.

Just like that, you build trust and authority with your leads.

And knowledge, expertise, trust, and authority are the seeds that will help your blog blossom and your business grow.


3. Enjoy the glow of well-written blog posts that keep working for you long after you hit “post”


Wouldn’t it be a dream to have content that keeps working for you long after you hit “post”? If you have helpful, evergreen content in your blogs, you can have just that. This can look like product highlights, ultimate guides, how-tos, and resource lists.

No one knows your clients and their needs better than you do. It’s time you create content that reminds them of that.

A well-written blog can turn into a sales funnel for your business. It can “earn its keep” by building an email list and bringing in more qualified leads in a way that has people scrambling to enter their payment info.

Think of your blog as a salesperson who never sleeps. And never shows up late to a meeting with an iced coffee in hand.

“Ok, I get it. I need a blog. Where do I even start?”

I’m glad you asked.


Make it happen


You need to find a writer who specializes in your industry and knows how to write blog posts that will increase your visibility, attract leads and drive sales.

I’m not talking about your cousin’s sister-in-law who has a prolific Pinterest board and shares lots of cat videos on Facebook (no judgment).

I’m talking about someone who understands your industry and who understands the balance of art and science that makes truly great content that converts leads into sales.

Because simply slinging out any old blog posts isn’t what’s going to bring the clients to you. Clients are going to come to you because you always deliver the knowledge they need, right when they need it most. Find yourself a writer who can capture that.

You also want to find someone who will take the time to get to know you, your business, and the needs of your clients. By taking this holistic approach, a professional writer will know how to create content that connects your clients with the products and services they need most.


Over to you


Not only is the blog age not dead, it’s very much alive and well. By not having a blog with regular, relevant content, you’re missing out on leads and sales. That’s serious FOMO! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Once you’ve decided to launch (or revive) your business blog, you’re halfway there.

The other half? Contacting me, an expert writer who is here to help you attract leads, build authority and grow your business.


Ready to grow your business with expert content and copy that converts?

Let’s talk about it.


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