4 Ways to Grow Your Health and Wellness Brand with Email Marketing

Did you know emails have one of the highest ROIs of any marketing efforts? For every $1 spent, email can provide up to $44 in value.

How does this work?

Simply put, when you work with an expert copywriter, you get emails that convert leads into sales.

The right customer gets the right information at the right time. And you get sales and growth.

Here are 4 ways to grow your health and wellness brand with email marketing:


1. Create a welcome sequence for new subscribers


Imagine two scenarios:

  1. You walk into a new store that you’ve heard good things about. Except… No one acknowledges you. No one welcomes you. No one asks if it’s your first time in the store. No one offers you a tour of the place. Aw, bummer.
  2. You walk into a new store that you’ve never heard about. You get a “Hi! Welcome, we’re so happy to have you here. Here is who we are and what we are about.” Awesome!
    First impressions are everything, right? Are you going to stick around somewhere you don’t feel welcome or even acknowledged, even though you’ve heard good things about it? Probably not.

And neither will your leads.

When you send a welcome sequence, you set the tone and expectations. You open up the lines of communication.


2. Promote sales and specials


E-mail is a great way to let your leads and customers know about sales and specials. Keep them in the loop on new products or services that they might be interested in or let them know that their favorite thing is on sale.
If you share this in a helpful, personalized way, rather than a generic “here’s all the things we have” blast, your client will feel like you have created this promotion especially for them.
And in a way, you have.
And those warm fuzzies you gave them will come back to you in sales and loyalty.


3. Send updates: interesting news about your business, spotlights, new products or services


It’s always a good idea to mix in non-sales emails so your clients remember you are a warm, caring human and not a cold-blooded sales-driven robot.

Because you are, right?

This is a good opportunity to send out things like news-relevant topics (e.g. diet trends, recipes, exercise tips, etc.); interesting business updates (staff highlights, “meet the team” features, etc.); and spotlights or new products/services.

This can also be a good place to direct clients to your blog–just because you aren’t selling in these emails doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a call to action.


4. Celebrate special occasions and milestones


Don’t you love when people remember your birthday?

And who doesn’t love to celebrate a special occasion (even if it’s made up)?

Emails celebrating special occasions and milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or the number of visits or purchases are a great way to celebrate your customer and show that you value them.

Want to make up a holiday to celebrate? Go for it. Give your clients one more occasion to buy from you.

By sending your clients emails that are warm, engaging, and personalized, you too can tap into the inbox goldmine.


Ready to grow your health and wellness brand with e-mail marketing? Your clients can’t wait to hear from you!

Let’s get started


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