5 Blog Ideas That Will Attract New Cannabis Clients (And Make Current Clients Love You Even More)

Cannabis Blog Ideas


With the increasing legalization of cannabis and widespread use of CBD, the cannabis industry is blowing up. Clientele ranges from OG hippies to children with seizures and everything in between, including pets.

This provides an incredible opportunity for your business to build a blog that informs and attracts a wide range of clients.

Here are some ideas of blog posts to help get you started:


1. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis


This is a great way to be more approachable by total newbies. You can proactively build trust and authority by answering a lot of the questions that they might be too embarrassed to ask in person.

Ideas for content include:

  • Vocabulary guide
  • Smoking and non-smoking options
  • Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrids
  • Dosing guide

Posts like this can be valuable for newbies and longtime users alike. A longtime user may learn something new and decide to branch out to new products.

These posts can be a great place to suggest beginner kits or entry-level strains or products.


2. CBD Across the Lifespan (Benefits of CBD for All Ages)


This is a great opportunity to dispel the myth that CBD and THC are the same thing. This can be incredibly helpful when determining who the product is for and its uses.

Ideas for content include:

  • Got a pet with anxiety? CBD can help with that.
  • Is your teen having an acne flare-up? CBD can help with that.
  • Mom needs help managing her arthritis pain? CBD can help with that.
  • Grandma is concerned about her memory? CBD can help with that.

Knowing that CBD will not get you high is the first step to convincing many people that it is a safe, natural option for many ailments.

And by showing a wide range of applications across the lifespan, people will start to seek it out. Use this opportunity to draw them in!


3. No Smoking–Smokeless Ways to Benefit From Cannabis


As cannabis culture has shifted, the demographic of users have, too.
Many people who are looking to cannabis for medical reasons are put off by the thought of smoking it. Or they just don’t like smoking.

Whatever their reasons, posts about the ways to reap the benefits of cannabis without smoking are a great way to win over potential customers.
Ideas for content include:

  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals

As with the ultimate beginner guide, this is a great opportunity to inform readers about the variety of options available. You may find that these posts are equally beneficial to newbies and longtime users alike.


4. Cooking with Cannabis


Including a recurring feature is a great way to build trust and authority. If your readers and clients know that Monday is Munchies Monday and that you’re going to be posting a tested and approved cannabis recipe, then they’ll be looking forward to your post.

You’ve built anticipation and created a weekly ritual.

This is also a great opportunity to build social media engagement–ask your fans how their creations turned out, share pictures with a hashtag and tag your business.


5. Spotlight


Another idea for a recurring feature is a spotlight for strains or new products.
A spotlight is a great way to build anticipation and get people excited to buy–especially people who pride themselves on being in the know. You could even offer an early bird discount for the first few to purchase.

This is another great opportunity to build social media engagement–ask your fans if they have tried the spotlight, what they thought, etc.


Wrap Up


Of course, the most effective blog topics are the ones that you know your clients will love. No one knows them and their preferences better than you. And by creating content written specifically with them in mind, you will build your trust and authority.

The result? They will be stoked and ready to buy from you.


Looking for blogs to attract new cannabis clients (and make current clients love you even more)?

Let’s make it happen.


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